PurposefulBliss: Fizzy Magic

PurposefulBliss: Fizzy Magic

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Savvy shoppers, especially parents, quickly learn a lesson that a gift in hand is better than searching a big box retailer for that ‘special’ present for a child’s birthday party you forgot about.

Instead, parents with foresight stock up on unique gifts en masse when the right deal is found. This not only allows having a gift ready when needed, but it also allows keeping an eye open for a unique gift.

FizzyMagic Bath Bombs for kids fit the bill to date, providing a great gift for a child that ends with a surprise inside.

  • Made with pure and safe ingredients
  • Receive 5 of 10 animals in the collection
    Pig, Sheep, Duck, Rooster, Goat
    Horse, Cow, Goose, Dog & Cat
  • Shapes: 1 Puck, 4 Rounds
  • Variety of Scents and Colors
  • Clues
  • Fun Fact Cards